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Supercharge your Screenplay!

Introduce an AI-powered screenwriting tool that will take your screenplay to the next level.

Built by film industry insiders, this industry secret will set your creativity free.
With its advanced technology, you can easily brainstorm, structure, and write your story,
all while getting valuable insights and suggestions from the AI. 
Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to a faster, more efficient screenwriting process.

Try it now and see the difference it can make in your screenplay.

Key Features

Supercharge your Creativity

Our AI can assist with menial tasks and improve efficiency, allowing you to focus your minds processing power on creativity. Thus, helping you to turn your ideas into a masterpiece at the click of a button!

Edit as you Type and Refine your work

Our revolutionary AI engine allows you to edit your screenplay, script or character sheet after it is generated, allowing you to make contributions, enhancements and add your artistic flare. There’s no other ai writer quite like it!

Supported by Industry Experts

We know firsthand how demanding and fast-paced the film industry can be, which is why we developed AIScreenwriter in-house to help us stay on top of our game. With AIScreenwriter, you’ll get all the benefits of a powerful AI tool, plus the expertise and creativity of the GlassFrog team.

Write in your native language

AI Screenwriter now supports:
Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Tamil,
Hindi, Standard Chinese, and Russian,
allowing you to tell your story in your native language.

Responsive human support agents

You can seamlessly communicate with our support team without the need to exit the app. Whether you have inquiries, need guidance, or want to share feedback, our team is just a click away, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted creative process for you.


Experience the creative process like never before with our new Realtime Output feature. Witness your ideas come to life on the screen as the AI Screenwriter dynamically generates content, providing you with instant feedback and inspiration.

About AI ScreenWriter

We’re a team of film industry veterans who have worked on some of the biggest and most innovative movies of the past decade, including from Avatar, District 9, Mad Max, The Lego Movie, Cyberpunk 2077, and Total Recall.

We’ve fine-tuned this tool to meet the unique needs of screenwriters and filmmakers, so you can easily brainstorm, structure, and write your story without getting bogged down in the details. And now, we’re excited to open up AIScreenwrite to the wider film community.

Whether you’re an experienced screenwriter or just starting out, AIScreenwriter is the perfect tool to help you take your screenplay to the next level. So why not give it a try and see the difference it can make in your writing process?

Product Evolution

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